PDO Thread Lift

A non-surgical Face Lift using PDO Threads!


What are PDO threads and how do they work?

PDO threads are dissolvable medical grade threads (polydioxanone) used to rejuvenate, regenerate and improve facial structures.


The PDO thread technology is based on using the natural skin tension lines, which also causes an effect similar to a surgical face lift.  By introducing the PDO thread into the skin we see an immediate improvement in its appearance.


The procedure usually takes 30 - 60 minutes.  Approximately 10 - 14 days after the treatment, collagen and elastin production is stimulated.  It takes around 6 - 8 months for the threads to dissolve and the aesthetic improvement can last up to 24 months.


Are there any side effects?

There is minimal discomfort associated with the treatment.  Immediately after the treatment the skin might be slightly reddened and slight bruising may appear.  Both usually disappear within a few days.


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