Leg Vein Treatment

Microsclerotherapy: Leg Vein Treatment


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Microsclerotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for unwanted Thread Veins and Spider Veins on the legs which are frequently associated with symptoms of aching, burning, itching, throbbing and cramps. These Veins are abnormally dilated blood vessels lying very close to the surface of the skin. Unfortunately they are usually genetic, but certain lifestyle habits can make them worse. Standing for long periods, extremes of heat sun beds, saunas, hot baths and showers, high impact exercise to name a few. Although there are a number of alternative treatments, Microsclerotherapy still remains the most reliably successful of them all.

How does Microsclerotherapy work?

A Solution is injected with a very tiny needle, very superficially into the Veins, causing the lining of the Vein to swell and become sticky. Compression is then applied to close the Veins. Over a period of time the Vein will heal closed and fade away.

It is fairly pain free procedure and you can resume to normal activities immediately.

Compression stockings are worn for up to 2 weeks to help close the Vein. When the stockings are off the treated area will look bruised and the Veins may look worse before they look better but there is a 70-80% success rate, with the Veins fading gradually over a 6 month period.

What are the side effects?

Most patients experience no complications; however, some minor side-effects have been reported. The two most common side effects are brown staining or red bruise. Some people may initially experience restlessness in their legs especially at night. This is due to the swelling in the Vein walls and is normal.

How many treatments will I need?

The results achieved after one treatment vary from one client to another. Following your initial consultation we will be able to let you know the number of sessions required.

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