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The Treatment

Many dream of a body free from sometimes embarrassing and unsightly hair. Other Hair Removal methods can be time consuming and the hair will soon grow back. At HSC Clinic we offer clinically-proven, safe and effective long-term removal of unwanted hair using state of the art Ellipse Flex Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

How does Ellipse treatment work?

Hair contains pigment (melanin) that absorbs the Intense Pulsed Light and converts it into heat. This heat is then led through the hair into the hair follicle, which is then destroyed and rendered unable to produce a new hair.

Can all hairs be treated?

As the treatment relies on absorption of light in the hair pigment, melanin, the most efficient treatment is seen with dark hairs which are easier to heat up to the required temperature that destroys the hair follicle. Blonde or grey hairs are unsuitable for IPL but can still be treated by Electrolysis.

How many treatments do I need?

Hair grows in cycles and hair follicles go through resting and growing phases. Only follicles in the growth phase will be destroyed by the heat. Resting hair follicles need to enter the growth phase before they can be destroyed by the treatment. It is, therefore, necessary to repeat the treatment at intervals until all hair follicles have been through the growth phase. Usually a minimum of 6 treatments are needed and the intervals between treatments are typically 1 - 3 months. Maintenance may be required.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment is very quick and large areas such as back or legs can be treated in 1 to 2 hours, whereas a small area such as chin or upper lip takes around 10 minutes.

Does it hurt ?

No anaesthetics are required and most people describe the sensation as similar to that of a rubber band snapping onto the skin.

How can I be sure the treatment is safe and effective?


Clinical trials documenting safety and effectiveness are carried out by leading doctors prior to the release of the product. The results of these tests are published in respected , refereed medical journals.

Benefits of Ellipse hair removal


  • Simple, safe and effective
  • Easily tolerable
  • Proven clinical results
  • Simultaneous destruction of hundreds of follicles
  • Larger areas can be treated in a single session
  • Only properly trained and certified practitioners will perform treatments

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