Hair Removal

Hair Removal

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This is a form of Permanent Hair Removal, treating each hair individually.
This treatment is great for those odd white or darker hairs.

15 mins £20.00
20 mins £25.00

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Threading is a proven old-age form of facial Hair Removal practiced in India, China and Middle East. This method has been used for more than 1,000 years by Asians. The procedure uses a 100% cotton Thread which is used to remove unwanted hair, lifting hair directly from the follicle. As the facial hair is removed, only a slight pinch is felt.

Upper Lip £10.00
Full Face Inc Eyebrows £25.00


Waxing is a temporary Hair Removal method, removing the hair from the root making the hairs come back finer. Treatments are needed every 4 to 6 weeks.

Full Leg Wax £30.00
Half Leg Wax £20.00
Standard Bikini £15.00 
Extended Bikini £20.00
Underarm £10.00
Forearm £15.00
Eyebrow £10.00
Lip or Chin £10.00
Lip & Chin £15.00
Lip & Eyebrow £15.00 
Full Back £25.00
Chest & Abdominal £25.00