Chemical Facial Peels


Chemical Facial Peels: Medik8 

Visible Results – For all Skin Types – Minimum Downtime – Mild Skin Peeling

A painless restorative peel that renews damaged skin with little downtime and visible results within days. The synergistic effects of their ingredients provide corrective and nutritive benefits, while exfoliating the surface of the skin to help minimise fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation marks or reduce acne.

Medik8 agePeel

A fantastic anti-aging peel that contains an effective combination of acids to reduce lines and wrinkles, and fade away imperfections leaving the skin smooth and renewed. The stimulation you receive from a chemical peel can increase the production of many key elements that make up a youthful looking complexion. When skin cells are stimulated, they are encouraged to produce more collagen and elastin. Rich in L-Mandelic acid and Lactobionic acid, this anti-aging peel is the perfect peel to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Medik8 betaPeel

Rapidly brings acne under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future outbreaks. betaPeel counteracts all three fronts of acne by targeting each assault individually: blocked pores, comedones and inflammation. betaPeel delivers a heavy dose of salicylic acid straight into the pores and follicles, helping keep the pores clear of cellular debris therefore reducing the number of pore blockages and breakouts on the skin. Key Ingredients are Azelaic Acid and Salicylic Acid

The Acids contained in the peels are:

L-Mandelic Acid – A mild and effective alpha-hydroxy acid, is often compared to glycolic acid for the results it provides without the negative effect: less redness, less downtime.

Lactobionic Acid – A superb multi-tasking PHA which works as an exfoliant, antioxidant and humectant.

Azelaic Acid – Is highly effective against the bacteria responsible for inflammatory acne (propionibacterium acnes).

Salicylic Acid – A widely used gentle BHA that unlocks pore and clears away dead skin cells, preventing congestion.



Medik8 Jessner Peel

Visible Results - Not Suitable for Sensitive Skin - Moderate Downtime - Moderate Peeling/flaking

A superior treatment designed to remove the epidermis (top layer of the skin). Can be used to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation and to treat aged, sun damaged skin, mild to severe acne, discolouration and moderate wrinkles.

Key Ingredients Include:

Lactic Acid - Alpha-hydroxy acid that helps encourage cell turnover and stimulates collagen formation while helping to smooth and soften the skin.

Salicylic Acid - Beta-hydroxy acid that helps dissolve sebum and debris in your pores that cause blackheads, enlarged pores and acne outbreaks. It also hleps reduce oil production and provides gentle exfoliation.

Resorcinol - Is an effective exfoliator that helps loosen the damaged skin layers to expose the new fresh skin beneath while also stimulating collagen to form.


Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE

Reveal a new layer of beautiful skin with Blue Peel Radiance 

What is a Chemical Peel?

A superficial chemical peel is a minimally invasive procedure in which an acid based solution is applied to the face or decolletage to remove dead skin cells. After several minutes, the solution is removed, revealing smoother, more refined-looking skin.

A chemical peel can improve skin problems ranging from sun spots to acne scars, as well as improve skin texture and tone.

What to expect:

  • Formulation achieves instant glowing results.
  • Tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin after just 1 peel and recommend a course of 4 to 6 peel to obtain the best results.
  • Quick easy in-office procedure with little to no down time.
  • You may experience some mild peeling 3-4 days after your treatment.


Remarkable improvements in overall skintone




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